HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-10-16

The Cloud Stinger continues the tradition of being a gimmick free, great sounding headset. This time in a sleeker, lighter package. The audio delivery by the 50mm drivers is as you would expect, good, providing deep brooding bass with clear mids and highs. Coupled with the decent, swivel muting microphone boom, this is a solid gaming headset.

It is difficult to find any real flaws with the Cloud Stinger, it nails pretty much anything anyone would want from a gaming headset. Sure, it doesn't quite have the same fidelity of the Cloud Revolver, or quite the depth of the original Cloud headsets, but in that, I would suggest it sounds more controlled and presents the perfect balance for gaming with a strong bass and bright mid range and highs that cut through without any conflict, muddiness or distortion. I found them to be rather loud too, but considering its multi-purpose role that is suited to being jacked into a console controller, or a PC, this is to be expected. Cutting down on a remote by having a built-in volume and mute controls is something that many will appreciate also.

Priced at 49.99/$59.99 the HyperX Cloud Stinger is very competitive and sits alongside some fantastic headsets. Having recently reviewed the awesome Cougar Immersa, the Cloud Stinger has some good competition, and though the Cloud Stinger is a little pricer, it has a sleeker, more refined, minimalistic design. Either way, the HyperX team have another great headset that hit the mark perfectly.

HyperX have done it again with a sleek, lightweight headset that represents great value and performance.

+ Great sounding audio
+ Attractive minimalistic design
+ Light and comfortable
+ Good build quality
+ Price

- None

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