HyperX Revolver S Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-03-17
Closer Look

The headband is wide and features soft memory foam that has been coated with a plush leatherette material. The edges have been stitched to provide a more durable, long lasting finish.

The earcups are large enough to easily fully cover peoples ears and are surrounded by a super soft memory foam padding that is also removable.

The headband itself is a suspension design and is connected via a stretchy connection just behind the earpads, which is also where you will find the braided cable slack.

It is here that we can see that the Revolver S has also been given a rubberised surface, unlike the textured plastic finish on the original Revolver. The White coloured finish adds an interesting aesthetic that may appeal to some more than the red found in its predecessor.

The base of the earcups remain fairly plain, with the only additional detail to note is the port for the removable microphone.

Complete with the microphone, the Revolver S looks somewhat large, yet retains a certain coherent elegance that is attractive, though it is unlikely many people will choose to use a headset of this magnitude on their daily commute to work.

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