HyperX Revolver S Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-03-17
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
The Revolver S presents the gamer with a host of convenient connectivity options which require minimal setup. You can use the USB dongle with both the PC or PS4, the 4pole jack with any compatible device, including the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Mac, and mobile devices, while the PC extension can be plugged directly into the 3.5mm ports for headphone/microphone in your motherboard/soundcard. This means that unplugging the headset and moving to a different device is super easy and convenient to do.

On placing the Revolver S on your head, you will find it to be well balanced in both pressure and grip strength, with the super-soft memory foam padding providing a plush comfort fit. Despite the weight of the headset being a rather hefty 360g, it doesn't feel like it. The level of passive noise cancellation is good, and those rubber stops added into the steel frame prevent it from ringing like a tuning fork.

The control box is lightweight and is easy to use, feeling better quality than the USB soundcard included with the Cloud II. The large Dolby/Mute buttons light up when activated, giving good indication as to what mode the headset is in. The only downside is (as with many in-line remotes) is that the control box is orientated upside-down, with the 'top' of the control box facing towards you.

We did some music listening via the USB soundcard, and we found that its maximum volume is a little lower than some may prefer. Despite this, the sound-stage and clarity is spectacular. Picking up each layer of audio and seamlessly playing them into your ear with absolute clarity. Testing out the preset EQ options, we found the first gave a boost to bass, the second boosted mids, and the third increased the treble. So despite being driverless there is enough differentiation between each preset to cater for different use/preference.

On enabling the Dolby Surround, while still in our subjective music listening, we discovered that it greatly boosted the listening volume, and bass to a more respectable level, but it also introduced some slight distortion and clipping, which is rather disappointing. This means that, while the volume is boosted, it is not suitable for music listening as it could potentially wreck the headset speaker drivers.

In further testing, we used the Revolver S via a dedicated headphone amplifier, producing the exceptional audio quality and results that was loud, distortion free and simply incredible. We also tested the headset via the Xbox One controller, and party chat. The microphone was said to sound perfect, without additional pickup, echo or static which can plague many other headsets in this configuration.

In CS:GO the level of spatial awareness/ directional comprehension is amongst the best I have experienced in this price range, footsteps, fire-bins, bouncing grenades could all be distinguished with precision thanks to the epic sound stage that the Revolver S provides, the Dolby Surround mode just makes it even better.

The microphone features noise-cancelling and doesn't pick up much in the way of background noises. In conversation, voice-pick up is said to sound natural and warm without being overpowering. The microphone is flexible, though I would caution against putting it too close to your mouth so you can prevent the pick up of plosive 'puh' and 'wuh' sounds.

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