HyperX Revolver S Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-03-17

HyperX have done a fantastic job of proving that 'gaming headsets' isn't a synonym for poor quality, muddy sounding audio. The studio grade drivers are amongst the few we can genuinely say are the real deal. The sound-stage is incredible, picking out distinct sounds and making them all crystal clear. The Revolver S headset could be lighter than its 360g weight, though despite that, its balance and use of high quality materials allows it to remain very comfortable for long periods of time, and to boot, the noise cancelling microphone is decent too.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all smooth sailing with the Cloud Revolver S, there are some rather important things to note, and that all falls with the USB DSP control box. Firstly, the additional 40 hike in price is mostly paying for that control box, so we have to consider it as such. Sure, it sounds fantastic, but its volume level is rather low. The Dolby Surround combined with the wide sound stage does present an impressive surround experience in game. However, people may also enable the surround mode as a means to boost the volume level, and considering we discovered some mild distortion/ clipping, this could present more problems over time. Though, on the note, HyperX has endorsed the Revolver S with a 2 year warranty, so at least that will present some peace of mind.

Overall, the Cloud Revolver S is an exceptional headset that is at the forefront of all gaming headsets, however we feel that the price hike over the standard Revolver doesn't quite offer the exceptional value it could when that additional 40 is enough to buy a decent third-party internal/external soundcard.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is simply brilliant, it provides top tier audio quality and comfort that you can take to any of your gaming outlets with ease.

+ Attractive design
+ Solid construction
+ Long lasting comfort
+ Multi-platform compatibility
+ Wide sound stage
+ Superb, well balanced audio
+ Dolby 7.1 Virtual Surround
+ Detachable microphone
+ Features rubber anti-vibration pads (no more ringing)

- USB control box could be better

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