ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Internal 4 in 3 SATA Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅18-04-11

Product on Review: ICY DOCK MB974SP-B
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ICY DOCK
RRP: £140+VAT

The ICY DOCK brand has been around since 2004 and in this time they have built up a reputation of providing useful storage solutions for a variety of uses. Their selection has continued to expand, and many readers will already be familiar with their backplane modules such as the MB-454SPF. Today, we’re taking a look at their latest 4 in 3 SATA backplane module, the MB974SP-B which offers, amongst other things, tray-less installation, SATA 6 Gb/s support and front panel connectivity.

The MB974SP-B is aimed at a wide audience, from professionals looking to increase their server storage capacity to enthusiasts with high storage requirements or simply those looking to manage their hard drives in a more sensible and accessible fashion. This review will attempt to discover if the ICY DOCK’s latest addition performs well and whether it’s worth you parting with your hard-earned.

At this point I would usually show you what the manufacturer have to say about their product, but it turns out ICY DOCK have an awful lot to say, so rather than overwhelming you with text, here’s another link to their product page, where the product is described in lots of detail. However, pictures say a thousand words, so keep reading here and you’ll quickly see what the MB974SP-B is all about.

For what initially seems like a fairly straightforward product, the MB974SP-B has many features. They are listed below:

Fits 4 x 3.5” SATA HDD into 3 x 5.25” Device Bays
* Screw-less, tool-less design for genuine plug &play and hot swap use
* Compatible with SATA 6 Gb/sec
* Stylish aluminium construction for durability and heat dissipation
* 80mm cooling fan for maximum air flow
* On-demand power system - Fan power only when a drive is powered on
* Fan is replaceable with aftermarket fans that use 2-pin or 3-pin connectors
* 3 speed fan control including Smart Cooling Technology providing temperature
* Front and rear ventilation slots
* Front side USB and eSATA ports for convenient external storage connections
* Individual power switches and LEDs for each drive
* Child-proof power buttons to avoid accidental power shut down
* Multi-locking door latches to prevent accidental drive ejection
* Internal SATA cable and USB header cable built into rear of device

ICY DOCK have also put together a great overview image of the device and features. You can view it by clicking here.

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