Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S Dual 2.5 to 3.5 SATA SSD/HDD Convertor with Raid

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅19-06-11

The MB982SPR-2S is a well thought out, nicely designed and beautifully built enclosure. Assuming the performance scales with faster Solid State drives as well as it did with slower mechanical models I would have no hesitation in recommending the drive for those who want a convenient and tidy way to accommodate dual Raided HDD and SSD's. Indeed, those with limited SATA sockets and limited space will readily welcome a device such as this.

The MB982SPR-2S.

The tool-less design is elegant and simple to use. Even with the Icy Dock rails in place ready for installation into my PC the enclosure could still be opened and accessed with ease to fully facilitate drive removal and replacement.

Yes in some ways the 55 price tag isn't cheap (would buy you a small SSD for one thing!) but for what it offers in terms of features, build quality and ease of both install and usage it's a very good product indeed... add to that a solid 3 year warranty period and it really is a little star!


+ Great build quality - all metal design
+ Excellent screw-less design - very easy access
+ Airflow design aids drive cooling
+ Universal mount design
+ Even fits drive enclosures
+ PC and MAC compatibility
+ Easy to use software
+ Anti vibration design
+ Raid 0 doubled installed drive performance
+ Good warranty period


- Thermal monitoring of HDD installed in MB982SPR-2S did not work

I award the Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S our Gold award.

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