IN WIN 904 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-12-13

In the last 12 months IN WIN has been upping the ante by designing and producing stand-out computer cases. Rather than join the rat race, they have chosen to diversify and 904 is a product following this ethic.

The two-tone theme of silver and black are a classic combination and from a visual standpoint 904 not only looks sleek but it also is easily distinguished too. IN WIN has furnished this case with premium materials by using aluminium and tempered glass. Regardless of whether this looks good or bad, there is no denying that 904 has a premium aura about it. Though, choosing to build with expensive materials like aluminium and glass has meant that other features are perhaps absent such as a fan controller.

Lack of cooling fan placements, the absence of even one fan and limited CPU cooler height support hints that this case is really designed for AIO CPU coolers. Especially since the rear aluminium panel can house the radiator externally. This compatibility for liquid coolers still only supports 120/140mm radiators – it would have been sensible for IN WIN to extend the grid pattern to accommodate 240mm radiators, but even so we think this design/feature is very inventive.

The price of £150 GBP / $240 USD is respective of the aluminium and glass construction. 904 fits into a niche and so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are looking for the specific criteria which this case slots into then it’s an attractive option to go with.

IN WIN, the formidable innovators are back with another adventurous computer case which breaks the mould. While it may not tick all the boxes for some due to it fitting into a niche, 904 is very intriguing. It oozes quality and works great with 120/140mm AIO coolers.


+ Pleasing to the eye
+ Innovative and unique
+ Excellent build quality and materials
+ External 120/140mm radiator support
+ Low-noise

- Limited air CPU cooler clearance
- Lack of cooling fan placements/ventilation
- No cooling fans included
- Poor cooling with air CPU coolers

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