IN WIN 904 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-12-13
Packaging & First Look

904 arrives in a large white box which is rather non-descript in its appearance with only the technical specifications listed. Inside, the case is covered in a black-fabric bag and there are a number of polystyrene blocks for padding to ensure a safe arrival. Our sample took a little bit of a beating on its journey and we’re pleased to say it still arrived undamaged and intact.

Packaging for 904

IN WIN’s recent product releases have included some distinct and innovative computer cases and 904 is no exception.

Both side panels on 904 feature 5mm tempered glass. Incorporating this into the design of 904 brings superior noise damping and a unique visual appearance. This thick tempered glass is around 80% tinted so it’s quite difficult to see inside the case – especially since the internal layout and features are black. If your hardware has lighting then it will obviously be easier to see.

Either side of 904 are the same, there are no significant features that distinguish one from the other.

Distinct visual appearance

5mm tinted tempered glass for both side panels

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