IN WIN 904 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-12-13

At the front of 904 there is 2mm/4mm aluminium panel which is actually one piece running to the underside and top. The brushed texture finish is a classic look which never grows old.

This front panel is fixed and there is no door like a conventional computer case which would have 5.25 drive bay covers and cooling fan outlets.

Around the back there is another aluminium panel but this is detachable. Acting as a cover, this panel features a snowflake grid towards the top for attaching a 120/140mm radiator. IN WIN has engineered gaps at the top, sides and bottom for routing any cabling from the PSU, monitor and other devices to the rear IO.

The front and back of 904

Stepping away from conventional case design, 904 takes its front panel ports to the side of the case on a single strip. IN WIN have integrated 4x USB 3.0 ports two connectors are required to provide connectivity/power. There are also headphone and microphone jacks and a power button.

The lower section of this particular aspect is hollowed out to allow a single 5.25 drive to be installed. IN WIN has provided a bay underneath the PSU mounting platform and a nicely designed plate covers this bay is held in place with a thumbscrew.

Plenty of USB 3.0 ports

Having no need for clearance at the bottom, there are just two rubber strips on the underside of 904. One at the front and another towards the back of the case. These strips ensure the case does not slide on smooth surfaces.

Rubber strips at bottom

Focusing our attention on the side panelling, as previously mentioned both sides use 5mm tempered glass. Each side uses four oversized thumbscrews in order to fix the large glass panel into place.

As you can see, once removing this panel you discover how substantial the glass really is. Additionally you can see how strongly tinted the glass panel is, you can only just identify the objects behind it.

Large thumbscrews keep glass panels in place

Thick 5mm tempered glass

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