IN WIN 904 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-12-13

Removing the thick, glass side panels we can now clearly see the internal layout and design of 904. The motherboard tray and even the cable braiding is been given a sleek black colour-scheme and while some of 904 retains characteristics to the common computer chassis there are also some subtle alterations such as HDD cages and cooling fan placement.

There are actually no cooling fans pre-installed and only two locations for attaching such a device. IN WIN has made allocation for a 90mm rear exhaust and a 140mm intake above the FP connectivity. Stock cooling performance is certainly going to have a weakness but even adding in fans may not yield promising results either.

An overview of the internal layout and design

Behind the motherboard tray

Beginning at the bottom of 904, we see there is a platform for placing the PSU. This platform sits above the 5.25 drive bay and unfortunately has no anti-vibration padding or the option for a dust filter in fact, IN WIN has included a small sticker to instruct installers to mount the PSU with the fan facing the inside of the chassis.

Platform for installing PSU

Moving our way up through the case we see there are a total of eight PCI expansion slot covers, there are no ventilation cut-outs on these covers and just a standard screw is used to secure them so you will need to get out that trusty screwdriver to add/remove.

Multi-GPU support but no thumbscrews

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