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👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-11-12

We review a lot of computer cases at Vortez and the standard is very high because of the candidates passing through. In the past In Win have been known for bringing to market ‘cheap and cheerful’ products, so the real question is: Does GRone establish its own place in a competitive marketplace?

From the outset we were impressed by GRone’s design and styling. Case design is a personal thing but we can appreciate both sides of the coin, GRone is tailored more towards the gamer than anything else, so its rugged and gaudy appearance might not suit everyone but its colour, quality and flair are very good.

As we mentioned, in times past In Win have been responsible for budget products and some would disregard them for this very point but GRone improves on this ideal. Build quality is an area which has been improved upon, both inside and outside the chassis. Inside there are numerous features which are useful, as is the norm for case design – tool-less mechanisms are included to aid in efficient system building. Combine this with oodles of space and clearance and the recipe for success is on the cards. You can house high-end components inside GRone, whether they are big CPU coolers, long graphics cards or a fully-fledged water-cooled configuration, it has the space and flexibility to entertain such products.

One are which surprised us was the inclusion of so many cooling fans. Included are a total of 5x 140mm fans – something which is rarely seen for a case in its price-range. Some cases barely have just one cooling fan. In Win are to be commended for this and for placing them in effective spots too. As you can well imagine having such a strong line-up of fans and in key regions means the cooling can achieve what it sets out to – effectively cool the system. The only downside to the fans used is that they are noisy, even on the 'silence' setting they do emit a fair bit of noise.

At £85 the GRone is fairly priced considering the build quality, features and size of this chassis. You will be hard pushed to find such a product for this kind of price nowadays.

In Win are improving their repertoire steadily. GRone is an achievement worth celebrating for the brand, its quality and feature-set place it in direct competition with cases which are much higher in price, so if In Win can expand availability we are quite sure this chassis will be a success. For these reasons we are pleased to give GRone our silver award.

+ Good looking gaming chassis
+ Good build quality
+ Five cooling fans included
+ Good thermal performance
+ Excellent clearance options, spacious
+ Competitively priced

- No padding for PSU
- Cooling fans are noisy

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