In Win GRone Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-11-12

The front of GRone features a plastic fascia with a slightly gritty texture, throughout the centre is perforated mesh – the lower section is removable and gives access to the dual 140mm LED fans which are already installed, there are thin dust filters which can be cleaned. Further up there are 3x 5.25” drive bay covers which are styling in exactly the same manner as the removable cover.

Around the back there is an opening at the bottom of the chassis for mounting the PSU, ventilation runs up the right-hand side to a midway point whilst on the left there are 8x PCI expansion slot covers. Each have ventilation and thumbscrews for easy removal. In Win have installed a 140mm rear exhaust fan inside GRone and placed four rubber grommets directly above for tubing/cables.

The front and back of GRone

Detachable front cover and dual 140mm LED cooling fans

Up at the top of GRone facing the front is the front panel connectivity consisting of the following:

• LED activity lights
• Power Button
• Two-speed fan controller
• 2x USB 2.0 ports
• Headphone/microphone jacks
• 2x USB 3.0 ports (via internal motherboard header)

The front panel connectivity

At the top of GRone, towards the front, is a hot-swap point for HDD storage. This can provide access to 2.5” or 3.5” drives and has a rubber cover which conceals the ports when not in use – a nice feature to prevent dust/dirt buildup.

The top of GRone is predominantly plastic with some ventilation strips to correspond with the cooling fans underneath. The gaps on these strips are only very small because they are to only offer secondary heat dissipation – the primary spot where heat will disperse is out the sides due to the depth of the top fascia. In Win have given the sides perforated mesh in order to achieve this.

The top of GRone with hot-swappable HDD functionality

On the underside of GRone there are four plastic feet, unfortunately these feet do not have any rubber properties meaning the case could potentially slip on smooth surfaces. Both the PSU section and cooling fan mounts on the bottom of the chassis have been given thin strips of fan filter material. The case would need to be flipped onto its side in order to get these strips out, a better method of implementation is to have self-contained filters with handles so that the filter can be removed without having to turn it on its side. These dust filters aren’t the best quality.

The underside of GRone

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