Inno3D GTX 1660 SUPER Twin X2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-10-19

Product on Review: GTX 1660 SUPER Twin X2
Manufacturer & Sponsor: INNO3D
Street Price: 209 GBP - $229 USD

As we approach the end of the year, it is some 7 months since we saw NVIDIA unveil their new GTX 16 Series - a range of GPUs based on 12nm Turing architecture with a focus on delivering capable 1080p performance. Well, today marks the addition of another SKU under the GTX 16 series and this time it bears the renowned SUPER classification.

The GTX 1660 SUPER is a go between for the GTX 1660 and the GTX 1660 Ti. On paper this new graphics card could almost be an identical model, bearing the same TU116 GPU, Cuda Core count, GPU clock speeds and other characteristics. The significant adjustment has been made to the memory architecture which now utilises GDDR6, allowing for a substantial performance increase.

Since there are no reference/founders edition versions of the GTX 1660 SUPER, well be examining the Inno3D GTX 1660 SUPER Twin X2 today which comes in at the base MSRP. Is it worth consideration? Lets find out!

About Inno3D
InnoVISION Multimedia Limited is a pioneering developer and manufacturer of a diverse range of cutting-edge multimedia PC hardware products established in 1998 Hong Kong. Our manufacturing operations have been set up since 1990 in Shenzhen, China. In this short period of time we focus on manufacturing OEM/ODM products as well as contracting out extensive production and research facilities to specialist companies. We have accomplished international recognition by PCs top reviewers as becoming an outstanding success and one of the most fast growing companies in Asia.

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