Intel Core i5 2300 2400 & 2500K Sandy Bridge Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-01-11
Power Consumption

It's interesting to note the power consumption of our new Intel 6 Series chips to see how the results here compare against the Intel Core i7 920. First of all, for the idle tests the system is cold booted into Windows and no additional applications are executed - the watts are noted on the external energy monitor we use and then the system is loaded with 3DMark 11 - watts are again monitored for the duration of the test and the highest rated wattage result is then noted down. Below are the results of this energy test.

As you can see from the graphs the Sandy Bridge chips are indeed fair on their wattage output. Given their stock values for clock speed this is quite surprising. For those concerned about how much power they use then surely the Sandy Bridge chips below are a worthwhile consideration. Compared to our Intel Core i7 920 they are much less power hungry.

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