Intel Kaby Lake-X Core i7-7740X Review: Better Than 7700K?

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅19-06-17
Temperatures & Overclocking

Below are the temperatures for each of the CPUs – without any overclock applied. We’ve also compared to previously released AMD Ryzen chips as well as the former Kaby Lake, Broadwell-E and Skylake counterparts (which we’ve also benchmarked against on the subsequent pages too):

The 7740X shares similar attributes to the 7700K yet we see in the temperature test that the 7740X on the X299 platform presents significantly lower temperatures. 7700Ks are notorious for presenting high temperature spikes under load and this appears to have been improved under the 7740X – perhaps with better TIM under the IHS?


Moving to the overclocking phase of our review the above result further reinforces that we’re able to shift up to higher overclocks with the new quad-core 7740X.

Across the X299 motherboards we’ve tested for this new platform launch, the AORUS X299-GAMING 3 allowed us to achieve the best result. What became clear rather early on is that 7740X is able to nudge to the golden heights of 5GHz without much encouragement.

So, our best result saw us hit 5.2GHz with just 1.33v applied to the CPU voltage. The CPU would boot and bench beyond 5.2GHz but temperatures crept past the 90C mark which we set as the safe-zone parameter.

This is a fantastic result and a milestone which the 7700K wasn’t able to climb to. Our 7700K has a maximum overclock of 4.8GHz.

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