Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7HVK Review

👤by Vortez Reviews Comments 📅06-09-18
Packaging & Bundle

Our Intel NUC is presented in a small, trendy box which is fairly non-descript. On each of the sides there is more than adequate information and detail surrounding the product – there is a schematic diagram of the front and rear of NUC showing the ports which are available and the hardware specification listing.

All of the included items are well-packaged inside.

The accessories bundle features all of the items you need in order to get up and running in next to no-time. The only thing omitted is a HDMI cable which is somewhat disappointing. Included are the following:

• Instructions manual
• Windows 10 DVD
• 230W Charging Unit
• Regional power cable

While it’s encouraging to see the Windows 10 DVD included with our NUC, supplying it in DVD format is something of a catch 22. In order to make use of this media you will need a portable DVD drive as there is no integrated optical drive with this unit. A far better idea would be to include a USB dongle with the OS installation files – DVDs are now almost obsolete and our NUC comes with over 10 USB ports… why aren’t we using them?

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