KINGSTON 16 GB x2 HyperX Genesis - Na'Vi Edition DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅11-10-13

When we first heard of this kit we were excited because any pro gamer will want the best kit. The best in the case of memory usually equates to the fastest meaning this kit needed to both look the part and scream along at a blistering pace. If yellow is your thing then it certainly fits the bill. Even if you don't particularly like yellow there can be no denying that the contrasting yellow heatsinks atop of a black PCB scream performance. Sadly that is where the performance of this kit ends because beneath those lush heatsinks sits nothing more than an entry level memory kit.

For a 1600MHz kit we have no complaints whatsoever as it 'does exactly what it says on the tin'however (and here is the clincher), for a kit aimed towards a gamer, it only satisfies one of the two requirements. If 1600MHz is 'fast enough' and you are a big fan of yellow then this is the kit for you. For the rest of us, a 'limited edition' memory kit that is geared towards gaming should really be faster than this. Our last hope remained with overclocking. Surely a Kingston HyperX kit with such a low speed would be great overclockers? Sadly not because it took dangerously high voltage to extract a small increase in performance. So it appears this kit is certainly not geared towards the enthusiast either. So who would buy such a kit? Primarily it would be someone who wants the minimal of hassle, a good looking kit at a fair price and just wants to 'plug in and go'. Speed is of little concern to the buyer of these kits.

That said, it is faster than some other 1600MHz kits on the market and with relatively tight timings of 9-9-9 it should serve most entry level gaming systems well. At 120 for 16GB it is also competitively priced and with the cost of DDR3 creeping upwards, if you plan on an upgrade, now is the time to buy. Whether you opt for this kit or another will however be determined not by your craving for performance but whether you wear sunglasses while gaming on your PC!

Overall, we found the Kingston Na'Vi memory kit to be good for a 1600MHz kit but not up to our high expectations. We hoped for high performance due to the kit being endorsed by a pro gaming team. Sadly our hopes were dashed when the benchmarks unfurled and confirmed our suspicions that this is an entry level kit with entry level performance.

+ Low Profile
+ Good looking heatsinks
+ Black PCB
+ Lifetime Warranty
+ Fair price point

- Average performance

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