KINGSTON 16 GB x2 HyperX Genesis - Na'Vi Edition DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅11-10-13
Packaging & First Look

Each Kingston HyperX Na'Vi kit arrives in a cardboard presentation box. This is a slight break from the norm from Kingston who generally package their products in a simple, yet effective blister pack (see below).

The rear of the outer packaging has a picture of the Na'Vi eSports team in the same colours as this memory kit. Beneath this there is a catalogue of awards won by Natus Vincere.

With the outer packaging removed we find the familiar blister pack which is sealed with the product description sticker.

Breaking out the sticks from their vice like hold of the blister packaging we can see them in all their glory. A shade above canary yellow, they cannot be described as dull! Each stick features the Na'Vi moniker along with Kingston branding. The yellow is matt effect with the contrasting trim being a gloss black.

The rear of the modules is similar in appearance to the front but features both the product code complete with the voltage required on a holographic sticker.

The modules are ideally suited for air cooling thanks to the low profile. As you can see from the comparison above, they are much lower than memory modules with oversized heatsinks so should have no trouble fitting beneath large CPU coolers.

Taking those low profile heatspreaders off was tricky due to the very sticky thermal interface material connecting the integrated chips to the heatspreader. This WILL invalidate Kingston's lifetime warranty so don't try this at home!

The chips used on this kit were from NANYA and carry the product code of NT5CC512M8BN DI.

Overall, we think the kit looks great. This kit would suit an MSI MPOWER build extremely well as it perfectly matches the yellow/black theme MSI employ for their extreme range of components.

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