Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-08-11

Product on Review: HyperX SSD Drive
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Kingston
Street Price: Approx. £400 inc. VAT GBP (At time of review

Kingston’s most recent product release just last week sees their very first SSD launch under the HyperX branding. HyperX being their premium label for enthusiasts, professionals and gamers. That isn’t all though, this is the first SSD by Kingston using the SATA3 interface. The HyperX SSD first appeared at CES 2011, at the beginning of the year but was only officially announced back in June – indicating that they were holding back and ensuring that the drive was perfect since Sandforce has had issues with Firmware in the past.

Kingston are obviously serious about the products they produce, not many companies would thoroughly test a product for some 8 months before launching. The HyperX brand is revered amongst many enthusiasts and it falls to Kingston to guarantee that their first SSD solution is one to cause plenty of publicity – for the good and not for the bad.

So, the HyperX SSD is available in two different size capacities – 120GB and 240GB. Both using the Sandforce SF-2281 Controller, something used in an assortment of popular SSDs such as the OCZ Vertex 3, Patriot Pyro and Corsair Force 3 series. Today’s product under review is of course highly anticipated, carrying the HyperX reputation it has a lot to live up to.

Kingston’s HyperX® SSD combines the latest SandForce® controller technology with premium NAND Flash, reducing load times while increasing performance and endurance. It provides high-speed SATA Rev. 3.0 (6 Gb/s) transfer speeds for larger bandwidth, which power users require for advanced gaming, multitasking and multimedia computing power. Kingston’s HyperX SSD lets users load games and applications faster, increase frames per second (FPS) and quickly transfer and edit large media files. It’s cool, silent and requires less power and no additional cooling requirements.

• SandForce controller technology
• High-speed SATA Rev. 3.0 (6 Gb/s) transfer speeds
• Performance — incredible speeds for advanced gaming, multitasking, and multimedia computing power
• Reliable — much less likely to fail than a standard hard drive
• Shock-Resistant — dropping your notebook no longer means losing your data
• Cool & Quiet — runs silent and with no moving mechanical parts to generate heat
• Innovative — uses NAND Flash memory components
• Supports S.M.A.R.T., TRIM and Garbage Collection
• Guaranteed — three-year Kingston® warranty, 24/7 tech support

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