Kingston KC2000 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅25-06-19

Product on Review: Kingston KC2000 NVMe
Manufacturer: Kingston
Street Price:
250GB: GBP £68.16 / USD $76.49
500GB: GBP £118.68 / USD $131.98
1000GB: GBP £208.92 / USD $234.82
2000GB: GBP £425.88 / USD $437.07

Kingston have been around in the PC sector since the early days, first appearing in 1987 to produce the highest quality memory modules available. Since then they’ve diversified into the gaming market with the HyperX brand as well as manufacturing USB flash drives, SATA and NVMe based SSDs and much more.

Today we look at their latest and greatest M.2 NVMe drive, available in capacities ranging from 250GB to 2TB with read and write speeds topping 3200MB/s and 2200MB/s respectively. Those speeds are attainable while also utilising first-class security through encryption technologies. Read and write IOPS are clocked at up to 350,000 and 275,000 respectively, on the 1TB offering.

Allowing the combination of both speed and security is Toshiba’s brand new 9-Layer 3D TLC NAND and Silicon Motion’s most up to date controller, the SM 2262EN which all operates on the PCI-E 3.0 x4 NVMe interface.

Ensuring your drive lasts, Kingston have you covered by a 5-year warranty and offer TBW (Terabytes of wear) ratings from 150GB on the 250GB drive right through to 1200TBW on the 2TB model.

Pricing on the model is listed at the top of the introduction, so we won’t clutter this paragraph by repeating that, but with the market being full of competing drives at multiple different price points, the Kingston will have to perform well to find its own space. Let’s put it through some tests and see where it stacks up at the other end.

Kingston on the KC2000 NVMe:
Kingston’s KC2000 NVMe PCIe SSD delivers powerful performance using the latest Gen 3.0 x 4 controller and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND. With read/write speeds of up to 3,200/2,200MB/s1, KC2000 delivers outstanding endurance and improves the workflow in desktop, workstation and high-performance computing (HPC) systems. The compact M.2 design gives greater flexibility, increasing storage but also saving space. Available in capacities from 250GB–2TB to meet your system’s needs.

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