Leetgion Hellion Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅15-06-12

Product on Review: Leetgion Hellion
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Leetgion
Street Price $90 r.r.p

Leetgion are a brand new company, one which no doubt you have never heard of. They were formed in 2010 from a very well respected cooling product company, one which all enthusiasts will be familiar with: Thermalright. Always at the forefront of cooling design, Thermalright hope to transfer their massive experience and expand into the gaming peripheral market with the brand name we now know as Leetgion.

The first product out of the blocks and the one which we will be sampling today is the high end, Hellion RTS gaming mouse. This is a very bold move from Leetgion as we have seen some very questionable products from reputable companies in the past who have branched out into the peripheral market only to find themselves wanting when compared to more established competition in this area. To make matters worse, aiming for top spot by releasing a high end product without first gaining a foothold could prove a step too far but credit should certainly be given for having the minerals in doing so because for this mouse to be a success at this level, it will truly have to be something rather special!

As we will see, this mouse does indeed bring a few new features we haven't seen in a rodent before so you can be assured that the Hellion is unique if nothing else. Let's here what Legion had to say about their first offering:

Hellion, inspired by the popular StarCraft II unit is fast, accurate and deadly. This professional gaming mouse packs a world first, true mechanical keyboard keyswitch. Use the in mouse memory to keep your custom settings and profiles on the go, and fully driver independent. Together with unmatched quality design and components, the Hellion is the best weapon for owning your opponents.

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