LEPA LV12 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-07-14

In order to demonstrate the installation process for LV12 we are installing the cooler on the Intel LGA2011 socket.

The first step in the installation of LV12 is to apply four standoff screws to the corners of the socket. Once these are tight, two brackets need to be place over the top and respective thumbscrews need to be screwed into place as pictured. In order to achieve traditional orientation of having the cooling fan facing and blowing heat through the rear exhaust of a computer chassis its necessary to have the brackets aligned vertically as pictured below. Lastly, thermal paste is applied to the CPU, the central bar is slotted over the middle of the baseplate and then two screws/nuts are tightened with either a screwdriver or the supplied spanner. Care should be taken when tightening both of these screws as it’s important to apply even pressure to the CPU.

This process and the components used are altogether very easy to use and we can vouch for it being a secure method of attaching a CPU cooler to the motherboard.

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