Lian Li Bora Digital Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-08-19
Packaging & Bundle
The packaging around the is a little cheap feeling compared to our usual standards, but we’re going into this review with full knowledge of the pricetag attached, which is much lower than most competing products.

On the front it shows a large picture of the included fans and describes its RGB credentials briefly. One odd choice is having the fastening latch on the front of the packet instead of it facing the rear.

Turning the packet over, the reverse side gives a breakdown of features and an easy to read technical specifications section.

Included with the triple fan pack is a 6-fan PWM splitter, with connecting cable. A pair of RGB lighting splitters for up to 6 fans (or other Lian Li RGB-enabled products), an RGB controller with SATA power connector, 5v RGB connector cable and mounting hardware.

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