Lian Li Bora Digital Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-08-19
Going into the review, we had previously been impressed by products from Lian Li, particularly with the robustness and clever design built into this computer cases, but the Bora Digital fans have left us feeling quite the opposite.

While the RGB lighting is ok, it isn’t the brightest RGB lighting we’ve seen and the effects aren’t particularly smooth with a “one LED at a time” feel to the transitions, but for the price bracket that the triple pack sits in, it really isn’t too bad.

In the middle of each fan is a silver sticker with the Lian Li logo in the centre. This sticker hasn’t been properly centred on any of the fans we’ve received, so when they rotate, the off-centre sticker couldn’t be any more obvious. While aiming for an up-market feel with the aluminium rings and sturdy frame, centering the sticker shouldn’t then be overlooked.

However, where things are bad, is acoustics and overall performance. They don’t seem to push much air and make a lot of noise while doing so. Lian Li’s claims of the only thing louder than their fans being the RGB lighting might actually be correct.

Build quality is somewhere the fans definitely excel, they feel very rigid and the aluminium rings around the blades look great, giving them a much more premium appearance, but having to apply the rubber fan mounts yourself was a pain in the neck.

Overall, the Bora Digital RGB fans look decent and they’re cheap but their performance needs some work.

+ Cheap
+ Included PWM and RGB controllers
+ Fans look and feel premium
+ No software needed

- Loud
- Lian Li sticker isn’t centred
- Stuttery feel to RGB lighting effects
- No longer screws included for radiator mounting
- Have to mount the rubber corners yourself

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