Lian Li PC-10N Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-11-13
Packaging & First Look

10N is presented in a large eco-friendly cardboard box. Due to this approach to packaging, the box can be discarded and recycled. The front shows an illustration of the case and around the back we have the same depiction. The side of the box features a list of technical specifications.

Inside, the case is covered in a clear plastic sheet and dual polystyrene supports are included to ensure safe arrival at the destination.

Eco-friendly packaging for 10N

As is typical of Lian Li’s product range, the PC-10N adopts a simplistic design for its external appearance. This minimalist approach to case design is very popular for system builders – especially those who like to keep things understated and clean.

A common attribute for Lian Li cases is to adopt all-aluminium construction and the 10N is no exception. Even the side panels are aluminium. 10N is available in silver or black and on the prominent side the panel has a perforated mesh section for the radiator support bracket inside. On the reverse side, the panel is just completely solid and without any significant features – since 10N has the aluminium side panels they are incredibly light!

Perforated mesh section on prominent side panel

Simplistic computer case styling

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