Lian Li PC-10N Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-11-13

Both side panels on 10N are fixed into place with two thumbscrews. Upon removing these we are met with a rather interesting internal design. Rather than opting for the usual motherboard tray, Lian Li have chosen to use a combination of rails cables are required to route behind these rails. Lian Li claim this design assists with better thermals:

Lian Li's railing mount technology greatly improves airflow under the motherboard, helping systems run cooler. This design replaces the traditional solid motherboard tray which can block airflow and adds to system weight and cost. The railing system also provides better routing options for internal wiring and cables, reducing clutter, improving system appearance and further improving airflow.

10N also has a variety of tool-free mechanisms for installing kit inside the chassis and a unique radiator bracket has been integrated in the upper region of the prominent side.

An overview of the internal design

An alternative to the traditional motherboard tray

Beginning at the bottom of 10N we are now going to take a close look at the various features. The PSU sits on two platforms which are raised from the floor of the chassis these platforms also have rubber strips to assist with anti-vibration padding. As already mentioned, the underside of 10N has a detachable dust filter specifically for the PSU.

Platforms and rubber strips for mounting the PSU

Moving our way up the case, there are a total of eight PCI expansion slot covers. Each are highly polished and have ventilation to encourage better airflow inside the chassis. Lian Li have included thumbscrews to make the job of getting them on and off, much easier.

Multi-GPU support

10N includes a feature which many will find very useful, especially since there is no allocation at the top of the case a metal 240mm radiator support bracket has been included in the upper section which can open to a 45 degree angle. This bracket is detached from its hinge easily and can accommodate dual 120mm cooling fans and radiators which are 240mm ideal for ALC usage. Later in the review we will make use of this bracket.

Handy radiator bracket for cooling

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