Lian Li PC-O8 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-11-15

PC-O8 is a stunning computer case which well and truly deserves high praise. From an engineering standpoint the build quality exceeds that of most chassis designs and from this we therefore have something which stands out in an overpopulated market.

Few manufacturers have delved into the concept of dual-chamber computer cases but we can definitely see the appeal, especially on a case like PC-O8 which is primarily designed as a display piece – showcasing computer hardware with luxurious tempered glass. Due to the way in which PC-O8 is designed with its weighty glass panels, there appears to be little sense in opting for this case if you upgrade your computer system on a regular basis. The idea with this case is to leave hardware in situ with minimal maintenance.

Inside this stunning enclosure there is plenty of space for high-end kit, including dual-GPU configurations with oversized dimensions. The main chamber is particularly spacious due to the omission of any storage or optical drives and therefore the actual building process is something of a triumph too – it takes very little time installing components and is a breath of fresh air from the usual mundane process that conventional cases bring.

The main emphasis with PC-O8 is the space and this paves the way for excellent water cooling compatibility. To this end, it’s probably fair to say that PC-O8 favours water cooling over air cooling – especially since there is no allocation for any directional cooling for the motherboard/CPU from the front of the case. As a result, in the default configuration the cooling performance is a little disappointing. Even without any cooling fans at the front directed at the main chamber, we’d have liked to see some sort of modular design allowing the user to perhaps attach optional cooling directly next to the trio of 120mm fans – to aim some airflow at the motherboard/CPU cooler.

This case is priced at £359.88 GBP / $400 USD which is beyond what many system builders would spend on some individual components but taking into consideration the extensive space, water cooling support, aluminium construction and tempered glass the PC-O8 was never going to arrive with a small price-tag. Those unfamiliar with Lian Li will likely find this figure a conundrum but devout Lian Li fans will be able to sympathise.

Lian Li’s PC-O8 is an exciting new concept for computer case design. This stunning chassis is the champion of craftsmanship, featuring a blend of aluminium and tempered glass. If you’re wanting to showcase a spectacular system configuration with a touch of prestige and elegance, look no further because PC-O8 is style epitomised.

+ Stunning visual appearance
+ High-quality construction
+ Dual compartments
+ Easy to install components
+ Can accommodate high-end hardware
+ Very flexible for water cooling
+ Five cooling fans included
+ RGB LEDs supplied
+ Four USB 3.0 ports

- No positive cooling in main compartment
- Glass attracts dirt/prints easily
- Difficult to properly clean
- Cable management is difficult
- Only two 2.5” drive spots

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