Lian Li Silent Force 650W PSU Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅21-04-10
When I first heard I would be reviewing a Lian-Li PSU I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would Lian-Li be able to transfer their ability to produce extremely high quality products, or would it struggle to perform, being the company\'s first attempt in this new market?

Aesthetically the PSU itself is very pleasing, with a gorgeous and extremely unique paint job. The only let down in the aesthetic department was the braiding, which for a ‘normal’ PSU wouldn’t have been a problem, but from Lian-Li I was hoping for just a little more. Performance wise it was very solid, with all the voltages safely in check but nothing outstanding.
Available for around £75 online, the Lian-Li is pretty competitive on price, and one of the cheapest 650W PSU’s being produced by a reputable manufacturer.

Whilst I don’t feel the Lian-Li has any particularly outstanding aspects, it doesn’t have any negative ones either. Taking this into consideration, and looking at the price I think this PSU is a great buy and I’m happy to award it the Vortez Hardware Silver Award.

+ Unique external paint
+ Good range of connections
+ Quiet when in operation
+ All rails were well within the ATX spec
+ Superb value for money

- Cable braiding could be thicker
- 12V rail could\'ve been a little closer to its desired value

We would like to thank Lian-Li for sending us this sample. Discuss this review on our forums.

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