LiteOn iHOS104-32 4x Internal Blu-Ray BD-ROM Review

👤by Connell Parr Comments 📅04-04-10
Product on Review: Lite-On iHOS104 (OEM)
Manufacturer: Lite-On
MSRP: Unknown
Street Price: £54.99 (at time of review)

The format war between Blu-Ray and HD DVD has been over for two years and we see Blu-Ray aiming to supersede the DVD format that has become such a large part of our lives. With a Blu-Ray Disc currently offering almost ten times the storage of a DVD the transition feels natural due to HD content, movies in 3D and other special features.
This has been helped by the large companies backing the format, whom come under the umbrella name of the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA). The BDA has 20 members on its Board of Directors with companies such as Sony, 20th Century Fox and Intel all included as well as 58 contributors; including (but not limited to) AMD, nVidia and Lite-On, who we will continue to talk about.

A little about Lite-On

Lite-On IT (also known as “Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions”) is one of nine divisions of the Lite-On group. In 2006, Lite-On acquired the Optical Disc Drive (ODD) section of BenQ becoming the second largest ODD manufacturer world-wide. February 2007 saw Lite-On buying out the BenQ shares from the Philips-BenQ partnership causing the re-naming to “Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions.”

Six of the remaining eight divisions produce electronic components such as LEDs, semiconductors, monitors and motherboards, while the final two are non-electronic based.
More information such as a full company timeline and history can be found in the Company Profile section of their site.

Now we know more about the company let’s have a look at the product.

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