Logitech C922 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-11-16
Closer Look

Logitech’s 922 folds up into a miniscule unit which makes it a veristile piece of kit. Since the design of this webcam utilises a horizontal orientation Logitech has engineered 922 to have Dual omni-directional noise cancelling microphones on either side.

The built-in lens found on the C922 provides f/2.8 aperture and 78-degree field of view. This lens also carries features like automatic low-light correction for an instinctive adjustment to the brightness in different environments.

On offer with this camera are two modes – Full HD – 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps. The idea being that users can opt for either better image quality or more fluid motion. While this does give you flexibility for streaming, by now we expect 1080p @ 60fps, this feels like a compromise for a camera which is touted as a camera “designed for serious streamers”. It’s true that using 1080p @ 60fps would demand greater internet bandwidth but web connections have improved, and having the best settings at your disposal would be preferred.

Other aspects to note with C922 is that we have H.264 video compression which should free up CPU/GPU from having to do all the work. Logitech has also designed this webcam to have Personify which effectively omits the requirement to have a green screen – Personify allows you to modify the background image on display with a pre-defined picture or you can even upload an image of your choice.

The C922 pivots at two points – the base of the camera lens unit and further down as shown in the picture above. This allows the camera to extend and thanks to the protraction and rubberised lip, C922 can easily perch to the top of your monitor.

Logitech include a small tripod for the camera if you prefer to have the C922 positioned in an alternate spot, other than the top of your monitor. This tripod is part-metal and part-plastic, and uses a standard tripod screw and clamp system. The legs extend beyond the black plastic pipes to offer up to 18.5cm in height.

This is a useful inclusion and will give users different options for capturing at different angles.

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