Logitech C922 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-11-16
Logitech’s C920 has been the go-to webcam for enthusiastic broadcaster and streamers, for many years now and it was only a matter of time before its successor would arrive. So, is the new C922 a worthy replacement for the highly revered C920? Yes, it is.

While some of the features on offer do retain a likeness to the predecessor, the C922 now offers 60fps for 720p mode. Not only this but there are other elements which peddles this webcam towards a rather functional piece of kit – a mini tripod is included for variable positioning, meaning you won’t be limited to fixing the webcam to the top of your monitor. We also have a built-in software package called Personify, which alleviates the requirement to go out and purchase a green screen for chrome key. This background replacement feature is a rather useful inclusion which is fairly easy to configure – wearing dark clothing along with a dark background does cause some discrepancies. Getting Personify to work effectively in XSplit can be tricky, but we’re hoping it’s just “early days” and it’ll be easier to get set up in future updates.

Now while the two modes (1080p/720p) will serve the vast majority of users, by now we expect 1080p 60fps implementation – especially when we look to a multitude of mainstream smartphones which output 4K 60fps. It’s also high time we saw such devices using USB 3.0 too. With the current output options, folks are limited to either better image quality (1080p 30fps) or better fluidity/framerate (720p 60fps).

Other things we really like about this webcam is the fact the cable is 6-foot in length. A fundamental gripe with a device such as a webcam is when users are restricted to using a USB extension cable or completely re-positioning their computer chassis to accommodate short cabling. The other great thing is how easy it is to get up and running with C922. If you’re using Windows 10, all you need to do is plug the webcam into an available USB port and software/drivers are downloaded and installed within minutes, this streamlined process is just what you want when buying a new gadget for your system.

The C922 utilises dual omni directional microphones which supply auto noise reduction. For serious streamers, a dedicated microphone is still likely to remain a fixture but nevertheless its still good to see reasonable microphone integration.

C922 is at the upper-end of the webcam price-range, coming in at £84.99 GBP / $92 USD. There are some clear advantages to upgrading from the C920 – 60fps now being available for 720p, mini tripod, Personify background feature to name the prominent benefits. While this successor may reveal a strong likeness to the camera its replacing, that isn’t such a bad thing; there’s a reason why the C920 is listed as Amazon’s best seller. It hosts the framework for what makes a webcam great and Logitech has built on this success.

The C922 is the ideal device for both novice and avid streamers. This new webcam effectively dethrones the popular C920 with innovative extras which tick all the boxes.

+ 720p & 1080p modes
+ 60fps available with 720p
+ Versatile placement options
+ Includes an adjustable tripod
+ Background replacement via Personify
+ Long cable

- Lacks 1080p 60fps
- Personify needs some work

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