Logitech G305 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅14-09-18
Closer Look

The front profile of the G305 is very small as this is a low-profile mouse. From this angle, you can see the slight curvature which helps position your fingers in use.

At the top, you get a look at the single DPI switch along with the LED indicator and the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel features a ridged texture which is nice a grippy. The rear section is removable and provides access to swap out the AA battery as well as store the wireless receiver.

On the left side, there are the two forward and back buttons. What is missing though is the rubberised grips, the side is slightly textured, but it isnít as grippy as some.

The right-hand side is clear but does feature the same slight textured finish as the left. The profile of the mouse is low and doesnít have a massive prominent hump, there is a slight curve, but it is gentle.

The back of the mouse simply features the G logo and that is all.

The underside of the G305 has four small PTFE feet as well as the Hero sensor, on/off switch and Logitech G branding.

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