Logitech G305 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅14-09-18

The Logitech G305 is a great low-cost wireless gaming mouse though it is far from perfect. The design and build are good as the styling is subdued and the build is solid, it does miss out on a soft touch finish which can be both a pro or con depending on your preference. Comfort wise the G305 is again decent, still it could be a touch small for some users, and it can lead to change in grip position to adjust to the more compact form factor. One omission we did note is the lack of any RGB, to be honest, though RGB on a wireless mouse is somewhat questionable as it only hurts battery performance and is a feature that we could live without especially with how good the battery life on the G305. In just over a week we have only seen a 10% drop in life with around 5 to 6 hours of use per day, every day. If you really need RGB then you’d have to opt for Logitech’s G703 which is almost 2x more expensive than the G305.

In terms of usability, the sensor performance is not really hampered by it being wireless, the G305 is still somewhat let down slightly in other areas though. The HERO sensor used in the G305 is brilliant and puts in a performance that almost matches the highly praised Pixart 3360, it’s just things like the side buttons and main clicks that don’t feel as tactile as some wired mice do within the same price range, they are still good but just not entirely up to the same level. Nonetheless, it makes up for that with the impressive stability of the wireless connection thanks to Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED tech, fast 1ms response time which is a rare sight on wireless mice at around £50, and the excellent freedom of movement.

All in all for £51.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US, the G305 is a great entry in the gaming mouse market as the price is easily justified thanks to the brilliant performance on offer. So if you really do hate wires, the G305 is a superb choice for those looking to cut the cord without breaking the bank.

No compromise performance - that is something that couldn’t be said about an affordable wireless gaming mouse a few years ago, but Logitech has done just that with their G305 as it offers near wired performance without the permanent tether.

+ Great all-around performance
+ 1ms response time
+ Highly stable wireless connection
+ Superb battery life
+ Unfussy and clean design
+ Comfortable
+ Ideal for travel
+ Well priced

+- No rubberised side profile grips
+- Possibly a touch small for some users

- No rechargeable battery as standard

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