Logitech G432 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅02-04-19
The Logitech G432 gives good audio & microphone quality however the design choices that Logitech have chosen means that the headset is uncomfortable to use over long gaming sessions. Its not something that you notice while using the headset but once it is removed you can certainly tell that youve been donning the headset for perhaps too long.

While there is the option of flipping the microphone up to prevent any audio signal being passed to your device, we would have also liked to have seen a dedicated mute button as when we used the flip to mute feature we were never 100% sure if we had flipped it up enough.

The one upside to the Logitech G432 is the audio quality that is on offer after you have spent some time with the G Hub software however for those that dont want to spend the time getting great audio wed recommend giving this headset a miss.

Overall the headset is an improvement over the G430 however the lack of changes to the design of the headset means that despite its improved audio performance the comfortability issues let the headset down.

As weve said before there is massive competition in the mid-tier gaming headset landscape and unfortunately the Logitech G432 falls short of its competitors.

+Connectivity options
+Audio quality

-Software needed for best performance
-Uncomfortable over long periods
-No braided cable
-Lack of mute button
-Headband is too tight

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