Logitech G903 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-02-18
Packaging & Bundle
This wouldn’t be a Logitech gaming mouse if the packaging didn’t follow the same grey and blue theme with very basic information on the front. There’s mention of the PowerPlay feature as well as the LIGHTSPEED connection technology. The mouse also dominates the front.

The rear of the box shows a side profile of the G903, better showing off the overall shape and design. More information is provided around the key features. LIGHTSPEED, optical sensor and the physical customisation of the device.

Sliding away the outer sleeve, the G903 is enclosed in a rather stylish, textured box, featuring the Logitech G branding on the front.

Helping to increase the premium feel of the packaging, the mouse is given and unadulterated pride of place inside the packaging, fully on display as soon as it’s opened up. The rest of the bundle is hidden away under the cardboard plinth on which the mouse is sat.

Bundled with the G903 is a short setup guide and warranty information, as well as a plastic case containing the removable 10g weight, the LIGHTSPEED wireless USB adaptor and replaceable side buttons. The 1.8M braided cable is used to charge the G903 or can even turn your really expensive wireless mouse into a wired device.

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