Logitech G935 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅17-07-19
Closer Look (Continued)
Taking a little bit of a closer look at the Logitech G935's features reveals that the left ear cup has a sliding power switch, along with 3 programmable macro keys, a mute button and a volume wheel.

In this picture we get a better idea of how thick these earcups are ensuring that even those with the largest ears should be comfy with these. We also get to see the RGB zones on the headset.

On the bottom of the left ear cup is where the 3.5mm connector and USB Charging port can be found.

Last not but not least we're taking a look at the microphone, as mentioned previously when not in use it can be tucked into the headset.

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