Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅05-07-11
Closer Look (In the dark)

The backlighting

In the dark, the backlighting works well. By default, it is white and we can see all the keys being individually lit. The lighting have a sharp glow that means usage at night is perfectly fine. Thankfully, they are not intrusive as to be distracting. The majority of the keys are perfectly and evenly lit but a few are only partially so. These are the Caps Lock, Tab and bracket keys.

And looking at an angle

The GamePanel LCD stands out the most on the keyboard. The backlighting is fairly even although on closer inspections, longitudinal stripes of varying thicknesses are present.

The GamePanel LCD

The G510 comes with a number of supported applications straight out of the box; G-series profiler to load up programmed game profiles, Logitech LCD clock, Countdown Timer and Stopwatch, POP3 Monitor, RSS Feeder, Media Display, Performance Monitor, and Windows Slide Show. The above screens show the Media and Performance displays. They are fairly basic in nature but there are many third party applications that can be downloaded.

In-built Battlefield Bad Company 2 support

The Logitech software detects supported games automatically and one good example is Battlefield Bad Company 2. The introduction screen shows the Battlefield emblem and gives you the option to flick through other screens using the buttons below. Going into the in-game menu, the user stats immediately loads up with all the relevant user info kept up-to-date. The final screen displays information in game such as KDR ratios and kills/deaths during the round. There are two more screens that can be toggled to show more information such as weapons and ammo.

Customisable backlighting

One of the highlights of the G510 is the ability to customise the backlight to be any colour using the RGB panel provided in the software.

G510 VS G15 backlighting

The quality of the backlight has remained vastly unchanged from the G15 V2 in orange. The main advantage of the G510 is that it is customisable.

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