Logitech PowerPlay Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅20-02-18
Packaging & Bundle
The Logitech PowerPlay, despite being a mousemat, arrives in a large, flat box. Most mats are obviously flexible by their very nature, but due to the wireless charging ability, this must not be bent or folded. The front of the packaging provides some basic information and a dramatized illustration of the Logitech G903 mouse charging.

The flipside of the box gives a great deal more information pertaining to almost every function and feature of the mousemat.

Opening up the packet, the base and the pair of mouse surfaces are located at the top, each in their separate cellophane wrapper.

Under the mat is a card containing instructions on how to set up your device to be PowerPlay enabled, as well as the included USB cable and charging puck. There’s also some literature to read through if you wish.

The included USB cable is largely the same as the one included with the G703 or G903, however the choke just behind the USB header is much larger on this cable so please use the provided cable with the PowerPlay mousemat.

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