Logitech PowerPlay Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅20-02-18
Software isn’t strictly required for the PowerPlay mat to function, though it’s pretty much a necessity for the G903 or G703 gaming mice, which both use the same software suite.

Ignoring the presence of a connected mouse for now, we’ll focus purely on the mousemat specific settings.

Opening the software, the home page gives a photograph of the device and that’s it. We’re not entirely sure what this page is for, other than continuity from other devices.

The 2nd tab allows you to control the RGB lighting on the hub section of the device. This can be synced to any other RGB Logitech products you might own, as well as the G903 or G703.

The third section is for connecting and disconnecting devices from the LIGHTSPEED hub, if you happen to have more than one PowerPlay compatible device. We imagine Logitech will add this functionality to more of its peripherals in the future.

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