Mach Xtreme Technology MX-ES Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19-10-13

The results of our testing of the Mach Xtreme MX-ES really speak for themselves. Both Read and Write rates of contiguous data each top out at over 150MB/s, with write speeds particularly impressive at 164MB/s in the Crystal Disk benchmark.

Crucially, Mach Xtreme are able to reach these speeds without going to 64GB in size and leveraging the benefits of this consequent increase in the number of data channels and NAND modules on the drive. Instead it's due to their use of SLC NAND, which has far higher write speeds than Multi Level Cell NAND typically used in non-enterprise flash products. As a result the speeds are lightning fast for the capacity, especially when it comes to peak write rates.

Another benefit of SLC NAND is higher durability, which is why Mach Xtreme have seen fit to offer a 5 year warranty on the MX-ES.

The point which may trip up the MX-ES is perceived value for money. We can generally disregard 32GB drives which cost less than £40.00 as they tend to be heavily restricted in speed with write speeds often topping out at a lowly 50MB/s. Ultra-fast drives are available if you’re willing to push your budget to over £65, but they also will not typically reach the sorts of write speeds you see here. Therefore, if you really need high bandwidth data transfer but are on an extremely tight budget, the MX-ES would be the way to go.

Of course you should also pay careful attention to your workload. USB drives are ideal for sequential writes of large files, and performance will drop out in other circumstances. If these latter data types are more typical then an ESATA solution would be more suitable simply due to the limitations of USB 3.0, although it would also tend to be moth more costly and restrictive of compatibility with older PCs. However, transporting large images, videos, audio and similar data ideally matches the characteristics of the MX ES admirably, and USB is a far more convenient connection type to boot.

Relative newcomers Mach Xtreme have an ultra fast drive on their hands with the MX-ES, easily breaching the 160MB/s barrier on file writes. Use of SLC Memory offers great reliability and high speed writes, whilst Mach Xtreme back up their promises with a 5-year warranty. Also optimised for ASUS USB 3.0 Boost Turbo Mode, which could see further improvements of up to 120% in some workloads, the MX-ES is a worthy achiever of our Gold Award

+ High-Speed USB 3.0 read rates.
+ Blisteringly fast USB 3.0 write rates.
+ Long-lasting SLC NAND
+ Sleek exterior for maximum compatibility around USB ports
+ High visibility for the accident prone

+ Relatively high price per gigabyte

= Pair with an ASUS motherboard for even higher performance

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