Microlab FC 50 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-06-13

2.1 Speaker systems are a popular approach for many people as they can offer an easy set up in that they do not need a multitude of cables tracking around the room like a surround setup, and can offer that explosive feel in gaming and movies with the help of the subwoofer. In music the FC 50 does a great job at delivering accurate acoustics across the whole range allowing for excellent music playback too that can compete with systems more expensive than itself.

The build quality is exceptional and the design is gorgeous and will appeal to many who want a more attractive, modern yet minimalistic aesthetic. There are a few negatives as mentioned earlier, mainly with extreme bass being a bit 'flappy', the durability of the remote and the short cables. Though these are mostly minor oversights as it is unlikely that people will be listening to the most bass heavy of music with the subwoofer volume at max with mid/max master volume (this combo is asking for trouble on most setups anyway) and the short cables can be fixed with cheap extensions. The RF remote however is a centric piece of equipment and while it works well, the seeming fragility raises a few alarm bells. Overall the FC 50 deserves praise and is worth your consideration if you're in the market for a 2.1 system.

Microlab have come out with an attractive, excellent sounding multi-purpose 2.1 speaker system at a great price, for these reasons we award the Vortez Silver and Amazing Value awards.

+ Attractive Design
+ Excellent sound accuracy across bass, mid and treble
+ Great Price

+- The RF Remote

- Subwoofer struggles with extreme bass
- Short cables

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to Microlab for providing today’s review sample.

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