Microlab SOLO7C Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24-05-12

Product on Review: SOLO 7C Multimedia Speaker System
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Microlab
Street Price: 114.99 (At time of review)

We've had the pleasure of reviewing Microlab audio equipment not that long ago, but it's still true that many new readers will not necessarily be familiar with the brand.

Established in 1998, Microlab began with a group of audio enthusiasts. Within two progressive years, our innovative skill and design expertise are recognized as a major professional speaker manufacturer worldwide.
Products after products, we set the trend and standards in the speaker industry. Microlab continues to lead in groundbreaking audio products with quality and performances.

These past years, we have been steadily progressing as we grew in product range, categories and strength. Today, Microlab offers a full range of home audio entertainment products. Ranging from desktop PC, notebooks, LCD TV, CD/DVD players, iPod, iPhone or game console, to wherever they are be it in the living room, bedroom, or in the kitchen, ... you will find Microlab product, a perfect match for your playback devices. Plug it in and immediately listen and feel the differences. A perfect companion to transform your playback audio device to Hi-Fi quality entertainment.

The Microlab product range has certainly grown to be comprehensive. Complementing an extremely wide range of multimedia, home theatre and portable speakers are earphones and headsets - if you have home audio needs Microlab almost certainly have a product for you.

In our April 2.1 Speaker Grouptest we looked at the FC360's, a compact soundsystem which is part of Microlab's FineCone range. As you would expect it includes two satellites, a subwoofer and amplifier; the set is ideal for PCs where a 5.1 system would be impractical and we judged it to be excellent value for money.

The speakers on test today are a little different. The Microlab SOLO 7C is a set of stereo floor standing speakers tailored more for the living room space than your average PC desk, but whatever your usage scenario is intended to provide a more fully rounded audio experience than the standard PC or Television set-up.

[The Microlab SOLO7C's are] high fidelity floor stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab special care and audio expertise, this series is ideal for most living room setup. Listen to crystal clear and dynamic music with this stereo pair and witness the quality in its audio drivers.

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