Microlab SOLO9C Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-14
Closer Look

The SOLO9C stereo speaker system

The Darkwood veneer on the MDF looks very classy and would fit nicely into most living room designs. The tower design has a relatively small footprint and should be easy to position in any situation. Once you have removed the grille we can see the two large 6.5" woofers with the 1.5" tweeter up top, all looking good.

At the back

On the rear side of the speakers there are two large bass reflex ports giving the woofers enough space to breathe.


From the top we have HDMI input/output, the 2x 2RCA connections for AUX and PC, a Toslink optical input, a coaxial input and the left speaker output terminals in the bottom right.

Control Dials

Being able to have manual control is always a good thing on speakers and these three dials do just that. Pressing in the master volume dial at the top selects between input sources, beneath this we find independent volume dials for the treble and the bass.

Tweeter and top woofer

The tweeter is dwarfed by the 6.5" driver.

At the base

Finally the bottom 6.5" finishes off the trio of audio drivers that is present on each speaker unit.

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