Microlab T1 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-05-14

Product on review: Microlab T1
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Microlab
Street Price: £49.99inc VAT GBP

Moving strength to strength, Microlab have made the time to focus on the mass market of consumer electronic goods with a stylish lightweight headset that is aimed at people on the go, the T1. To throw a couple of spanners into the existing market, Microlab decided to make their entry wireless, packing aptX high quality Bluetooth streaming over an A2DP connection. Aside from the increasing list of acyronymed wireless technology, they also pack some impressive specifications at an affordable price. Available in Black, white, blue, pink and yellow, there is enough choice to match the aesthetic appeal of a wide audience.

Overview by Microlab
Incorporating latest Bluetooth® wireless technology, this headset lets you connect to your mobile phone or media player without cables. Using A2DP profile, it lets you listen to stereo music by connecting to any Bluetooth®wireless technnology enabled products. Designed with beautiful finishes, this headset system is ideal for your personal entertainment. Ideal for digital moview, TV, PC/notebook, CD/DVD and multimedia application. With its built-in microphone, this system functions as an headset for your video conferencing and communication application. Comes with rechargeable battery for longer lasting use, and easy charging via USB interface. Includes additional 3.5 mm stereo jack for traditional analog audio input.

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