Microlab T1 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-05-14
Packaging & Accessories

packaging front

Taking a minimalistic approach, the outer packaging looks attractive and sleek. There is a central image of the product with information provided to say that this is a high performance wireless headset that supports aptX high quality Bluetooth audio streaming.

Reverse side

The minimalistic theme runs around to the rear with a simple diagram showing off the features, controls and specifications.

Opened up

The packaging is surprisingly high quality for this price point, opening up the magnetically sealed box reveals a comprehensive manual with the product itself and accessories hiding beneath.

Included accessories

Included with the manual are two cables, one USB and one 3.5mm jack-jack. Also included is a small carry case for when the headset is folded.

Included cables

Strangely the cables are different colour, one is a very cool white, where as the other is a very warm off white. No matter, the fact that this headset has both these options is impressive.

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