Microlab T1 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-05-14

Judging this product was fairly difficult because it is a well designed, well presented, fully featured wireless headset at an incredible price. From the quality packaging and accessories, the attractive minimalistic aesthetic and choice of colour, there really is a lot to like and this is before we even get to the point that it can be used wirelessly or via 3.5mm jack. Moving deeper, we can then talk about the quality of the construction with numerous metal components as well as being foldable.

The primary downside is that it is heavily bass centric while lacking definition in the mids and highs. This doesn't mean to say that the sound quality is bad, considering that the target audience of the T1 are those who happily spend 2-3x the asking price of £50 on something that is audibly similar, the T1 is very much something that can provide a much improved feature list to a very wide market. There may also be those who prefer this deeper bass orientated tone for various reason, be it their musical preference, or simply a tonal preference. So this places the audio profile of the T1 in subjectivity, though it isn't going to be something an audio enthusiast would consider. For causal listeners however the Microlab T1 does offer a great deal, long life wireless playback, pleasing aesthetics, quality construction and excellent presentation at an affordable price. There are just too many good things to ignore, this is why we proudly present our Vortez Silver and Amazing Value.

+ Wireless/Bluetooth aptX/A2DP
+ Attractive aesthetic/ foldable
+ Metal parts/ robust
+ Very well presented
+ Comfortable/ lightweight
+ Long battery life
+ Versatile connectivity and integrated microphone
+ Price

- Significant dips in mid and high tones
- Bass lacks definition

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to Microlab for providing today’s review sample.

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