Mionix Castor Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-11-17

Product on Review: Mionix Castor
Manufacturer: Mionix
Street Price: £60.99 / $69.99

Earlier in the week we covered the Mionix Wei keyboard, a crazily unique keyboard with a bold style; in contrast to that, we have the Mionix Castor, a gaming mouse with a very understated style; at least our sample isn’t too garish, anyway. There’s a range of 5 colours available, Frosting (pink), Ice Cream (blue), French Fries (yellow), Shark Fin (grey) and the standard Castor, which is black.

The Castor is a right-handed ergonomic chassis with a moulded, grooved shape to accommodate all 5 fingers. The shell features a 4-layer rubber coating to provide a soft-touch feel along with optimum grip.

Behind the scenes we have a 32bit, 32MHz ARM processor to provide the processing power required by that PMW-3310 optical sensor; the PixArt sensor is capable of 10,000 DPI (5,000 DPI native).

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