Mionix Castor Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-07-16

Product on Review: Mionix CASTOR
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Mionix
Street Price: UK: £59.99, US: $69.99

It would be an understatement to say that it has been a while since we last had a look at a product from Mionix, longer still from our very first outing back in the early days of both Vortez and Mionix! Moving on from nostalgia, the Swedish team have been busy setting their sights high to deliver competitive, finely crafted gaming gear. The Castor is a resulting product from such determination.

Its defining points are in its ergonomics, shaped for all grip types, and is then finished with a top quality 4 layer rubberised coating, with textured rubber side grips. The renowned PMW-3310 optical sensor provides a raw, zero acceleration performance that has a doubled-up resolution for a lofty 10,000 DPI. Inside, you will also find a 32bit ARM MCU, 128 kb memory, OMRON switches and everything else that you could expect from a high grade gaming mouse.

Overview by Mionix
The CASTOR is the latest installment to the popular Mionix lineup, bringing a 6-button, multi-color, optical mouse to fans worldwide. The company states the CASTOR’s unique shape, “has been developed to be used by right-handed players to equally support palm, claw and fingertip-grip.” The device also offers a PMW-3310 gaming-grade optical sensor that has no positive or negative hardware acceleration, improved accuracy, smooth tracking and a maximum speed of more than 5.45m/sec (215 IPS) going all the way up to 10000DPI.

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