Mionix Propus 380 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-02-11
Closer Look

The Propus 380 being a hard surface mat cannot obviously be rolled up so unlike a cloth mat it does not come in a tube but rather a card board packet. As always, Mionix take care of the design and typography with plenty of style to catch your eye and keep you intrigued.

Mionix Propus 380 packaging

Extracting the pad from the packet reveals a very stylish, elegant looking surface. The shape is great and overall size satisfying.

An overview of the Propus 380

On closer inspection the surface has a gritty visual appearance that sparkles. Although this appears to look rough it is in fact very smooth. There is a tendency with hard surface pads to feel rough and coarse, but the Propus 380 is anything but that. We have a thin green accent that rests between the underside and the top surface - an added touch that looks really nice.

A close up of the surface

The Propus 380 is 4mm in thickness which is about the maximum thickness you ideally want on the desk. Any thicker and it can obstruct.

4mm thickness on the Propus 380

Finally, on the underside is rubber material that appears to be woven. This material covers the entire backside of the Propus 380 to ensure that the pad doesn't slip away when given added pressure. Some pads have poor surface friction in this regard and the pad can move around, especially on glossy desk surfaces but the Propus 380 appears to have a good quality underside here. Over the page we will consider to what extent.

The underside of the Propus 380

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