Mouse Pad Review Roundup - Master, Killer 2, CT, QcK

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-09-08
Nova Killer 2

The Killer 2 is the successor of the 'Killer' mouse pad, released by Nova Gaming. The Killer 2 has a new design available in a selection of colours with a new shape and more attitude.

Technical Information (Taken from

Size 337x307mm
Thickness 3mm
Bi-Material That new pad keeps the NOVA unique material. The best ever made for the mouse gliding and the signal accuracy.

The inner material is now available in two colors, Black or White.

The outer material (centring frame) is now available in three colors, Red, Black or Silver, determined upon the product chosen.
8000 DPI 0 Latency: This is one of NOVA's main commitments. 0 mouse delay, 0 loss of signal. Our 8000 DPI materials guarantee a perfect response of the mouse signal,  Laser or Optical.
Centering Frame Built of smoother by touch material bordered by a fillet, helps the intuitive mouse re-centering still keeping concentration on the game.
Underside Non-skid base perfectly adheres to any desk surface thanks to micro-cellular foam layer.

On first impressions the Killer 2 looks great. There are various details on the reverse of the packaging.

The pad itself has an attractive design that fits a gamer. The pad is only 3mm thick and is very light. The underneath of the pad has a foam layer which sticks extremely well to any surface. When placed on a desk it is impossible to move, the mat is held solid in place. This is a very useful feature, the last thing you want when playing a game is for the pad to move around.

Our overall experience with the Killer 2 was very pleasing. The Killer 2 has been very well designed and is a premium gaming surface.

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